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NEW!  Montana Agate Beads!

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Limb Cast Montana Agate Carving

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Sterling Silver Montana Agate Jewelry


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Specializing in Montana Moss Agate - Beads - Bracelets, Earrings, Figurines, Lamps, Necklaces, Rings and more.  Our items are unique, very collectable and only created in limited quantities (as limited as one item).  Each item is truly "one-of-a-kind" with the varied characteristics of Montana Moss Agate and the craftsman who created it.

All of our Montana Moss Agate Products are exclusive to Rising Sun Wholesale.  The Gemstone Carvings are comparable to the finest Figurines you will find anywhere in the World.

Bill's New Engravings

Bill's New Engravings

Eagle with over 6,000 Montana Agate Cabs                    Montana Agate Mailbox

Eagle with over 6,000 Montana Agate Cabs           Agate Mailbox

Unique Properties of Montana Agate

Agate is said to have mystical powers to guard against danger, cure insomnia, ensure pleasant dreams and enable you to see the world with greater clarity.  Agate is also purported to increase concentration and promote good fortune....more....


Montana Agate

"About 80 million years ago volcanic action occurred around Sidney, Montana and about 50 million years ago there was volcanic action around the Tongue River area creating the formation of beautiful chalcedony known as agate.  Montana Moss Agate is found the length of the Yellowstone River; however, the most productive areas are within a 200 mile stretch within Custer and Sidney." ....more....

Carvings, Beads & Cabochons

Carvings    New Larger Free-Form Beads    Cabochons

Genuine Montana Agate Beads

4mm Gemstone Montana Moss Agate Beads 8mm Gemstone Montana Moss Agate Beads  10mm Gemstone Montana Moss Agate Beads

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